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Advanced Oil System Cleaner

Cleans & lubricates all  internal engine parts in  just 10 minute. Reduces new oil contamination. Suitable for all types of  oil and engines.

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Advanced Diesel System Cleaner

Cleans, lubricates  and protects  injectors. Minimises exhaust smoke. Improve fuel consumption and engine economy.

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Advanced Petrol System Cleaner

Highly concentrated cleaning treatment that  improve
fuel consumption and engine economy.

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Advanced Oil Conditioner

Ensures optimum lubrication and  extends engine efficiency.
Protects crank-case and neutralises harmful acids

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Advanced Total
Fuel Treatment

Throttle Body and Upper Cylinder Cleaner should be used at every service. Remove gum and varnish from the induction system and upper cylinder area. Smooth rough idle, i

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Cooling System Flush

Cleans entire cooling system and lubricates water pump and minimise calcium build up.

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