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Engine Cleaner and


Anti- bacterial Airconditioner Treatment contains a bactericide which will kill mould, fungi, and subsequent unpleasant odours occurring in the air conditioning system.


Car Shampoo

Contains a unique blend of surfactants & paint brighteners to enhance the exterior of motor vehicles. Basic cleaner for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles etc. Ideal for the removal of mud, dust, oils and other road contaminants. Can be used by hand or machine. Dilutes 25:1


Dash & Tyre Silicon

Silicone based. Easy application.
Long lasting finish. Protects from ageing and sun damage.
Rejuvenates dull rubber and plastics.
Dilutes 10:1


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Purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated formula.
Clean and shine any surface, cars, floors etc.
Dilutes 20:1

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Hand Cleaner

Moisturising with dissolvable grit. Eco friendly.


Workshop Rags

Workshop Rags are A Grade T-shirt material for all purposes.


Cable-Ties and
Workshop Tape